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Wiring within buildings. Single and multiconductor cables of class 2 and class 3 circuit installed as wiring within building shall be type CL2,CL3 listed as being resistant to the spread of fire. This listing requirement for type CL2 and CL3 cable become effective July 1,1988.

One method of defining resistant to the spread of the fire is that the cables do not spread fire to the top of the tray in the vertical tray flame test in UL-1581 paragraph 1160. The energy output of the burner in the VW-1 flame test is 3000 BTU/hr as compared to
the 10,000 BTU/hr of the CL2 vertical tray flame test. The necessary samples were submitted to UL and authorization to UL list, HOSIWELL CABLES was received in 1990 under our file No. E125840 Type CL2, CL3 power limited circuit cable and E135928type CM communication cable.

After July 1.1988, the code made it mandatory that all cable installed with A building bear the UL symbol (UL) or UL permanently embossed in the cable jacket, in this way a building inspector can readily determined a cable is UL listed and complies with the national electrical code before authorizing its installation within the building.

An example of UL listed type CL2 cable in compliance with article 725-38 (b) (1) of the code would be "HOSIWELL CABLE 24 AWG TYPE CL2 75oC (UL) E1 25840" printed on the jacket. Left mouse click at each logo below the see the certificates.