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Closed circuit simply means that the signal is not being broadcast any where, but rather is traveling
by wire from the source to the recriver. Usually a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system uses a stand
-mounted or hand-held video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television
(TV) screen. Traditionally video transmission in CCTV is done using 75 ohm coaxial cables. The video
signal transmitted is generally normal composite video signal. although some systems use RF signals.
CCTV video signal is comprised of both low frequency components (horizontal and vertical sync pulse
information) and high frequency components (video information). In order to transmit this full spectrum
of frequencies with little distortion or attenuation, it is important to select the correct coaxial cable that
meets the specifications for CCTV transmission.

Component Conductor Insulation   Shield Jacket Nom. Nom.
  No/mm Mtrl. O.D.
Mrtl.   O.D.
Mrtl. lmp.
F-RG-59/U 1/0.80 BC 3.68 Gas Injection Foam PE 95% Be Braid 6.15 PVC 75 53.1
F-RG-6/U 1/1.02 BC 4.57 Gas Injection Foam PE 95% Be Braid 7.30 PVC 75 53.1
F-RG-11/U 1/1.63 BC 7.24 Gas Injection Foam PE 95% Be Braid 10.30 PVC 75 53.1

Nominal Velocity of Propagation : 85%. LSZH Jacket optional

 Standard Attenuation @ 20°C (dB/100m)

Frequency F-RG59/U F-RG-6/U F-RG-11/U
1 MHz 1.0 1.0 0.6
10 MHz 3.0 2.3 1.1
50 MHz 6.2 4.9 3.0
100 MHz 8.5 6.6 4.3
200 MHz 11.8 9.2 6.2
400 MHz 16.4 13.1 9.5
700 MHz 23.0 17.4 13.5
900 MHz 26.3 20.0 15.7
1000 MHz 27.9 21.3 17.1


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